Commissioning a piece of furniture from Bough and Burr allows you to create your dream furniture. Whether you have a specific idea in mind or want to give me free reign in the design I'll guide you through the process. 

From dining tables to coffee tables, window seats and benches and storage solutions and bed frames Bough and Burr have you covered.

I will reach out to my favourite sawmills and find what they have to meet your needs be it a large dining table or small coffee table. I can provide you with a range of different native timbers to choose from. I think of slabs of wood as snowflakes each one has is own completely unique grain pattern meaning not two slabs are the same. Design wise your imagination is the limit I can create a contemporary wooden leg for your table top to sit on or if you want something more sculptural - like the bespoke metal legs on the horse chestnut dining table - I can arrange bespoke metalwork fabrication for you as well.

Below you can see a selection of my recent commissions. If you have something in mind then drop me a message using the the contact form below or drop me an email

You can head over to my Instagram or Facebook pages to see my most recent work and the journey to create each piece.

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