Each item is unique and handmade at my workshop in Belfast using... 

Chopping Boards

A collection of live edge, straight edge and round edge hardwood chopping... 

  • Sustainability

    I use only sustainably sourced, native species of hardwood timber, grown in the Ireland. Knowing exactly where each tree I work with has grown is a really important part of the story of the finished piece of furniture, allowing you to consider the life the tree lived before it reaches you. I hope that through the natural aesthetic of my work it bring a deeper connection with the natural environment into your home

  • Hand tools used in my handmade furniture. Fitting butterfly inlay into a split in a live edge oak bench


    Each unique piece is 100% handmade by me. My workshop is unplugged so you won't see a power tool in sight. I have spent years honing my craft using range of traditional Japanese and Western handtools 

  • Bespoke farmhouse dining table made from locally sourced oak


    Bespoke furniture design to suit your requirements. If you can't find what you're looking for, then contact me for a custom order, be it a chopping board or a dining table.