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Following a Sign in the Woods

I've walked past a tree with a sign painted on it dozens of  times, the sign points to a small track off the main path in the woods. The sign says EXPLORE. Last week, I followed the sign.

I walked up an incline, quickly taking me above the forest path below. Having navigated a few fallen branches I was greeted by a giant sweet chestnut tree. Surrounding this ancient monster was a carpet of bluebells, wood anemone and wild garlic, the scent was beautifully overwhelming 

Beyond the big tree were two more younger generations of chestnut, offspring of the bigger tree no doubt. Everywhere a looked was a different tree species at a different point in its life span. Hawthorn; silver birch; beech; oak; elm; sycamore and hazel most of the trees were cordoned off from the narrow footpath by a thick blanket of brambles.

Then another sign, this time on a fallen bough, it says "sitabit" so sit I did. A wee bit of peace surrounded by a beautiful spring bird let choir. I'll be doing more exploring this spring.  

Workshop News

April brought another commission to fruition, and my first piece of cabinet making, a record cabinet. It's made for some stunning Irish Pippy Oak which is full of character. 

It features an Ash butterfly inlay in the base and wedged tenon feet. At 60cm wide it should hold over 100 records. Now I just need to make one for me, only problem is my collection is 300+ and growing!

Market Dates and New Webshop Drop

I am very excited to announce that my next market will be the Cohen and Co. Seasons Market on Saturday 1st June at the beautiful Culture Manor just outside Belfast. To get your tickets click here.
I have been working on a load of new stock between commissions. There are more of the every popular live edge chopping boards, new trays and the beautiful new wall art pieces. They'll be launching on Saturday the 1st of June. Keep an eye on socials for more for updates.
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